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How Digital Marketing Agency Can boost Your Business with Facebook Ads In 2022


Online Advertising on Facebook

There has been a stormy situation the world has faced in the last two years and the digital marketing community is not saved too, especially those who deal with Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads and provided Facebook ad campaign tips.   

First, Covid-19 devastated everything in 2020. Then, Apple Inc uncovered ios 14.5 in this year. All of us were left amazed about the scope of cookies throughout the web network and need for a prestigious digital marketing agency was realized.

At length, businesses are found to be more concerned for survival rather than anything else and thinking about the past, say about 2019, they are confused and look for an illustrious Facebook advertising agency.

“How can I manage (or at least get close to managing) the same ROAS and CPA that I was back in 2019? I just want to make it through the storm… and not get fired or lose my clients.” Right?

Digitals Daddy tends to help you alter your mindset (resulting a change in your ROI) in 2022. In this post, we’ll focus upon:

  • A survey of the biggest disruptions from 2020 and 2021
  • How to register progress on Facebook in 2022
  • 3 tactics doing wonders right now (the examples of most successful ads from 2021 – with metrics)

A Review of Online Advertising On Facebook in 2020-2021:

Last two years, i.e., 2020 and 2021 proved very uncertain for marketers and Covid-19 and Apple emerge like rotten apples.
Let us consider these below and re-view about how Facebook advertising can be helped:

online fb advertising

COVID-19 Outbreak And Online Advertising On Facebook:

When Coronavirus broke out in March 2020, there was a drastic decline in Facebook advertising costs which resulted in higher ROAS and revenue in many industries.
But there were industries where revenue and ROI dried up too.
In other words, in some industries, the pandemic helped boost the advertising efforts while it caused trouble in the other. But now, costs have reached a plateau and is no longer going up or down, while there are signs of variants and further lockdowns are feared and there is a need for online advertising on Facebook as well as for digital marketing agency to show the route further.

Apple rolled out iOS 14.5 and challenged the Determination of Digital Marketing Agency:

Just when things seemed to normalize in the business world, Apple unveiled iOS 14 that sought to prioritize consumers’ rights to privacy and unrolled more options to freeze tracking.
Such was great news as people remained concerned with privacy, but was like a setback for digital advertisers.
New Facebook ad campaign tips were looked for, in wake of the update, Facebook was red-faced as latter’s ads were impacted which affected:

  • Targeting: Brands suffered hugely as devoted audiences strength thinned due to iOS 14. They were unable to retarget as lists shrank by over 50%. There was a hunt for fresh Facebook ad campaign tips to stay ahead.
  • Due to Apple’s policy, businesses were unable to measure their ads performance and compelled Facebook to aggregate data more than they used to do earlier.

Targeting audience precisely has become a hard nut to crack and to measure results easily too and it calls for a prestigious Facebook advertising agency. But such is just one aspect where marketers find difficulty in tracking and reporting on ads. Cookies lose their sheen too. Google chrome is said to have deactivated all of the third-party cookies in the month of January, which has made the situation more difficult and online advertising agency opens new frontiers before us.

No mater what your industry is, you need to get yourself familiar with the Apple’s update and what it signifies for Facebook ads. It is also advisable to cherish Facebook’s prompts which Digitals Daddy (digital marketing agency) would keep you updated with, to weaken its jolt on your ads. Besides, if you adhere to third party cookies heavily, you are likely to get limited custom audiences this year. Digitals Daddy is a premier Facebook Advertising Agency in this field.

How to Blossom on Facebook in 2022 (Useful Facebook Ad Campaign Tips):

Updates are disheartening, but still, most of the marketers are not that much worried. Many companies now look towards the other platforms for ads, though Facebook continues to dominate loyalty in some companies for ad campaigns. Interestingly, eMarketer forecasts that Facebook ad revenues would gather more pace in 2022, but a reputed digital marketing agency should be roped in.

1). Develop Familiarity With iOS 14.5:

Your maiden step- if you have not taken it already, is to familiarize yourself with the iOS 14.5 update and how it is likely to impact your ads.

  • Go Through The Update: If you haven’t gone through the update already on iOS 14,
  • Follow Facebook’s Lead: When you run ads on Facebook, this platform’s prompts are there to verify your domain, update your event set-up and compile your crucial conversion events. These are among the precious Facebook Ad campaign tips.

2). Ads Need To Be Altered With A New Touch:

In order to broaden visibility and test in the new scenario is to diversify and this is the golden rule among the Facebook ad campaign tips. We advise you to run a range of ads and see if they produce the desired result. NO doubt, a lot has been changed in the past two years and this is the time to implement new things which is stressed upon by every Facebook advertising agency.

Emphasize Upon Optimization And Relish Experiments:

  • Instant Experience Ads
  • Messenger Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads

Launch your tests beyond conventional arrangements too, new messaging should be tested and so should be the creativity and targeting. Any prominent Facebook Advertising agency should be consulted for such a purpose.
Most of the industries operate in renewed panorama which is different from 2019. If such is applicable for our industry. If such is the case for your business, never make a folly of trusting obsolete conclusions and we should double down only on test which is recommended by every prominent Facebook advertising agency.

3). These Tactics Bear Fruit On Facebook:

At Digitals Daddy, (as an established agency for online advertising on Facebook) we made an anthology of all of the Facebook advertising data from 2021 in a bid to zero-in on the best performing ads. Then, we aimed at aggregating Facebook ad costs by considering the amount $1.5 million spent which garnered 1 billion impressions. In such a course, we singled out three tactics which resulted in most of the engagements and drove more revenue for their clients, which are:


Undoubtedly, corporations stress upon transparency nowadays as there is a deluge of fake news and overrated claims are being made for marketing. This makes it necessary that a prominent Facebook advertising agency should be called for.

It clearly makes it prudent for us to act with integrity and to bring our key professionals before the world. Further, we should abide by real data and companies should postulate with backing from credible and verifiable sources. In present times, there is a popular leaning towards real data to base our claims.

Now, when your data is impressive, such can never be sidelined, as is recommended by every leading digital marketing agency.

Take the instance of an ad for Hitachi Asia where the audience was stunned with amazing stats about the state-of-art and ultra-high-speed elevators. Clearly, the audience got hooked and the clicking was not far. This ad attracted around 3K engagements and also show boated a CTR of 28%. Truly, a great feat for us as a leading digital marketing agency.

Creatives Should Be Customized As is Stressed By Every Facebook Advertising Agency:

Many of the brands simply spread ads by using unreal images which are not so convincing. Now, if brands want to drive home a great number of views, they should consider creativity which is eye-catching and would eventually ensure conversion.

We should play our bet upon customized artwork which is not seen by audience before as prime Facebook ad campaign tips.

For Online Advertising on Facebook, Storytelling Skill Should Be Honed.
Here, let’s ponder over an American proverb here:
“Those who tell the stories rule the world.”
In 2022, the time is ripe to say that who tell stories secure highly effective ads.
Stories serve many objectives in the advertising field, such as:

  • They are intriguing: Audience are attracted to stories far better than sales copy. Every digital marketing agency uses this to enhance benefits.
  • They address entire funnel: Stories marvels whole length of audience inside the funnel, no matter where they are. This is included in crucial Facebook ad campaign tips.
  • Consumers are under the spotlight: no matter, the product or service gets promoted through stories but in the end, consumers emerge like a role model, winning their hearts and this is capitalized during online advertising on Facebook

Take the example for Nikon Asia where a photographer’s struggle was under the focus and his work got the attention. This ad (pasted below) attracted more than 17K reactions with an attractive CTR of 18% and every reputed Facebook advertising agency stresses upon this.

Confidently Walk the Path of Advertising in 2022: (Useful online advertising on Facebook):

During the past two years, the advertising panorama has been unstable.

But this shouldn’t make us recoil and live in 2022 with fear and should regard to Facebook ad campaign tips.

Take note of the reality of your industry, gauge the risks which could emerge, construct a robust strategy and devise a roadmap for any eventuality too. There are plenty of Facebook ad campaign tips to follow.

Following this, advertise with confidence and online advertising on Facebook is always favorable to our business efforts.

Now, if you need any help in devising a Facebook strategy or in executing it in 2022, let us know. We at Digitals Daddy love to lend a helping hand when it comes to online advertising on Facebook.

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