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Need Help to Develop Risk Proof Digital Marketing Strategy?

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Startups and mid-size company

We aim to give your dreams life.

Create and implement strategy to drive brand awareness, sales of company’s products and services across all digital channels. Manage Google analytics to set benchmarks, track success and refine strategy for website, mobile, social, content, and search.

We not only optimize the marketing campaign but also provide online Brand Building Strategy for Start-ups and mid-size company because branding is the great method for success of any business!

  • Brand Strategy - Brand Architecture, Culture Alignment, Structure and Visual design.
  • Collect market data and information on current trends and latest development in the industry
  • Keeping track of competition activities and developments in the industry and helped top management in formulating marketing strategies by providing the right inputs
  • ORM (Online Reputation Management): Enhancing Visibility & Connectivity on Social & Search, Removing and Hiding abuse reviews & complaints on Social and Search.

We elevate and differentiate your like-for-like products or services and give your customers reason to choose you over your competitors.

Marketing,</b> if used in a correct manner is an effective tool to enhance your brand or business.

# We Understand Your Business Logic:

Situation – Where are you now?

Objectives – Where do you want to be?

# We Make:

Strategy – How will you get there?

Tactics – Which approach will be used to attain your goals?

# We Take:

Action – Execution of plan keeping the risk at minimum

Control – (Returning Investment on Time) Have you achieved your goal?

Step -1


Consumer Demographic – Age & Gender – it will help us to develop the content and creative. Consumer economical standard – help us to specific targeting and reducing unwanted clicks Consumer Geographic - where and how much competition there – budget and bidding cost

Step -2


Product Price or average product price – who will buy it (Consumer Pocket Size and behavior, and how will target them)

Step - 3


Before advertising, We break Objective into micro level goals – it will help us to reduce the cost and Risk.

For, example – specific product and specific goals for specific campaign.

Campaign will be break into ad group and ads, and ads will be used multiple variant.

Cost vs control

It is important to remember that the more control you maintain over costs, the more constraints you place on our platform to find lower cost opportunities for your desired outcomes.

Reach the most results without exceeding your bid cap (bid is not the same as the average cost of your results in reporting

We keep in mind RIOT (Returning Investment on Time), Branding, Resource and Operational Risk Management while creating your digital marketing strategy.

Define And Refine Your Business Objective:

We help to define your business objectives, if not already done, having analyzed your business model. We also provide our expertise to refine your business objectives to an achievable level.

Our Inputs:

Definition, Determination, Presentation, Implementation and Conversion are important considerable aspects before creating the marketing strategy for success any business.

  • Definition – We focus on the definition which we can determine.
  • Determination – We determine something which we can present.
  • Presentation – We present something which we can implement
  • Implementation – We implement something which leads to profit conversion.
  • Conversion – Our conversion should be justified to the consumer and society.

And all the above aspects have been covered in our Digital Marketing strategy which we believe, will definitely helps us to grow together.