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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a software based process that allows companies to effectively target customers, with automated marketing messages across channels including email, websites, social media and text messages to generate sales leads.

43% of marketers say the biggest benefit of marketing automation is improving the customer experience.38% think the biggest benefit is enabling staff to use their time more effectively35% say it improves data and decision-making.

Digitals Daddy for Market Automation

Empowering you to build and execute multi-dimensional marketing campaigns and experiences; our marketing automation platform helps you attract, capture, nurture, convert, and proclaim customers — giving one marketer the power of ten.

Our automated marketing software helps you





Optimize holistic marketing programs

Giving one marketer the power of ten! With Act-On marketing automation, every marketer can connect with prospects, convert leads, nurture experiences, close deals, and evangelize customers for repeated business and increased exposure.

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Need Help to Develop Risk Proof Digital Marketing Strategy?

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Competition Keywords research
Competition Keywords Research
Services for on-page SEO strategy
Services for On-Page SEO Strategy
Writing SEO content
Writing SEO Content
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Services for Off-page SEO
Link building
Link Building
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SEO Audit

With Digitals Daddy’s marketing automation:

  • 53% of customers had improved customer experience
  • 43% of customers enabled better use of staff time
  • 59% of customers experienced better data & decision making
  • 51% of customers experienced improved lead generation & nurturing.

Digitals Daddy’s marketing automation strategy gives you a richer, more detailed picture of the behaviour of potential customers. Using behavioural tracking methods such as following a user’s path through your website, our marketing automation software can help your marketing team to give you a better understanding of a prospect’s interest and where they stand in the purchasing life cycle.