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How Can Technology Take Education to Greater Heights?

We believe in the huge potential of incorporating advanced technology into education. This way, we can leverage technology to do away with traditional classroom learning. We do this by delivering the requisite content and provide it to students and scholars wherever and wherever across the world.

  • Learning materials made available on one platform to ensure same content delivery for all learners
  • Easy and fast updates without any hassle of organizing and distributing physical content
  • Accessible and reliable learning source 24/7 for learners
  • Cost reduction in regards to travel at a specific location
  • All learners can easily access identical high-quality learning materials
  • Reduces issues of different instructors teaching different materials on the same subject

App Development Company

Want a website that is appealing and personalized to drive your online business?

Our Edutech Services

If you’re looking for the best advanced technological implementations for learning, our edutech services are perfect. With excellent development expertise, we’re fully capable of delivering best in class edutech solutions across the world.

Mobile Learning

We have years of experience in creating mobile content that can smoothly run on different mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones, etc. with various mobile operating systems. We can customize already existing e-learning content into mobile-friendly courses.

Library Management

Our team helps libraries by providing library management solutions that are simple to use and efficient for librarians. It’s useful in various ways including orders made, bills paid, tracking books, and people who have borrowed books.

Custom E-Learning

Our team of experts at Digitals Daddy provides custom E-learning solutions to help organizations figure out their needs, develop a solid strategy, identify the right solutions, develop attractive content and build storyboards. Our custom solutions are built to be thoroughly interactive, engaging and visually appealing.

E-Learning Translation

Digitals Daddy provides translation services to organizations that want to have their E-learning resources translated into various languages. With our years of experience in translating millions of words in over 50 languages, we can help you meet your goals.

School Management Software

We focus on doing away with administrative issues. Our solution is cloud-based integrated with the latest technologies such as RFID smart cards, biometric, and online payment gateway. It can be customized according to the organizations’ requirements.

Student Information System (SIS)

This is a completely computerized system where student data gets stored, customized, monitored, and retrieved. The data is saved at a central location and can be securely accessed by multiple users with the login credentials.

Game-based Learning and Gamification

As with many other things, it’s inevitable education will also be transformed with the rise of technology. In our modern times, it’s best to move beyond traditional learning now. And Digitals Daddy provides interactive teaching and learning resources when it comes to games where learners are given multiple options to experience better learning.

Simulation (AR/VR)

Digitals Daddy develops simulations built with the most advanced technologies such as AR/VR that have powerful visual impact and can thoroughly engage learners in a captivating learning environment. Various other training options are also offered to engineering and medical students.

Why Choose Digitals Daddy for Edutech Services?

So you’re looking for edutech services and wondering why we’ll be a good fit?

We’re an established marketing agency with years of experience working with competent clients in the education industry to develop custom, secure, and flexible online learning software solutions.

We’re great in mobile learning apps, E-learning software, and Student Information System (SIS), and that’s just to name a few. See below to find out more of our various strengths:

  • We choose the right strategy and tools for the design and development of E-learning solutions
  • We can deliver a unique layout for your app that suits your brand
  • We ensure that our design plan offers a seamless experience for your clients
  • We optimize the software solution with latest trends to make your services up to date
  • We provide robust flexibility and scalability features for better online learning experience
  • We provide optimal security to ensure the mobile app faces very little to no downtime
  • We also provide consistent support during the design and development process, and also after deployment


Q. Can the Edutech solution be integrated with any other system?

Digitals Daddy’s Edutech solution can be seamlessly integrated with other school systems according to your choice. Our technical support and implementation teams can collaborate fast with your appointed Point of Contact to organize the suitable level of system connectivity.

Q. Can the education app boost creativity?

We choose the right tools and technology to develop apps that inspires students to create and work on their ideas instead of only relying on instant gratification by making purchases. Our apps are specially designed to fulfill children’s educational needs and also enhance their creativity.

Q. Do you provide support after the apps are developed?

Yes, we do! We provide consistent support during the entire design and development process, and also after deployment.

Custom E-Learning

Get customized E-Learning solutions to boost learner performance

Transform Traditional Learning for Better Engagement and Learner Satisfaction

Our custom E-learning solutions make online education super convenient with technology integrated learning experience. Students get easy remote access to desired classes and we also ensure access to updated content. With our years of experience in a wide array of industries including the education sector of various sizes and needs, we know how to make you thrive. We begin our process by collecting the learners' requirements and then proceed to develop a relevant learning strategy that is sure to bring great outcome.

Our team of experts will transform your vision into effective solutions and tangible results with the help of advanced development tools. We prioritize incorporating the latest technology to create E-learning courses that are highly engaging and seamless in navigation. Be it a single training course or an extended study program, we offer various services that can easily be customized according to your specific needs.

Our E-Learning Offerings and Features

Digitals Daddy develops custom E-learning solutions by working closely with our clients to figure out the most suitable solutions to cater to their specific business objectives, timelines, and budget.

One-Stop Solution

We incorporate multiple innovative technologies to offer relevant solutions to our clients. We ensure that we thoroughly analyze all the requirements before making any development decision.

Multiple Hiring Packages

Digitals Daddy provides flexible hiring packages that range from hourly, to weekly, and full-time basis. Our clients can make a selection of their choice according to their specific organization’s requirements. We ensure timely reporting at each development stage.

Intelligent Learning Design

We’re well aware of the constantly changing education industry and we focus on creating appropriate learning solutions accordingly to fulfill our clients’ business needs and budget.

Economical and Flexible

We work within the allocated budget and based on our client’s time zone. We also ensure that an NDA is signed to guarantee seamless project completion.

Varied Resource

Our team of dedicated developers and various other resources can extract information to propel its conversion into robust E-learning solutions.

Rapid Development

Our rapid development solutions come with excellent expertise in designing, developing and deploying online courses by incorporating the latest tools.

Why is Custom E-Learning the Best Learning Approach?

Custom e-learning with mobile app guarantees learners’ capacity to study and train on the go anytime, anywhere

Custom E-learning solutions come up with personalized content based on the organization’s needs, thus developing a strong connection with customers

E-learning prioritizes personalized content and this makes learning more fascinating, thus attracting learners on a personal level of interest and bringing them closer to the organization

Innovative learning techniques such as game-based learning, micro-learning, animated videos and scenario-based learning makes learning simple and greatly enhance learners’ understanding and grasp of the materials

Online sessions that are customized are effective and improve students’ performance levels owing to its innovative features

A boost in learners’ performance levels ensures good grades and optimal results regarding student growth

Why Choose Digitals Daddy as Your Technology Partner?

Our team of developers for E-learning solutions have excellent expertise and are also great at thinking out of the box when it comes to revamping teaching and learning methods. We prioritize creating the most appropriate custom E-learning solutions to fully cater to our clients’ organizations and at the same time, deliver a fun learning environment that will appeal to learners on a personal level. We ensure that we’ll provide:

  • Custom and out of the box E-learning solutions
  • Reduced expense for content delivery
  • Speedy content delivery
  • On-demand access
  • Seamless and interactive learning experience
  • Consistent support with branding and user experience
  • Timely reporting with completion proof
  • Decrease in environmental impact
  • 24/7 support
  • Free consultation from our team of E-learning experts

Looking for Web & App Development Services?

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Mobile Learning

Access Content Through Mobile and Learn Anywhere Anytime

Get Accessible and Flexible Learning with Mobile Technology

Gone are the days of huge textbooks and traditional learning. In this new era of technology, smartphones are undeniably crucial and hold major aspects of our lives. Learning is no longer an exception. How many times have you reached out for your phone when you want to find an answer to a question that randomly popped into your head? See, we’re already using our phones to learn, and mobile learning seeks to amp up this already existing behavior and create innovative learning opportunities.

How do we do this? We incorporate various mobile technologies to facilitate education for students, scholars, teachers, and researchers according to their convenience. We provide a wide range of mobile learning services and support educational institutions in offering education to learners at all times on multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. We also use advanced technologies and latest tools including JS, HTML5, CSS3, and certain coding languages to develop educational, simulation-based, and game-based mobile learning content for several platforms and mobile devices including iOS, Android, and Windows.

Our Mobile Learning Services

We at Digitals Daddy provide engaging, appealing and interactive learning methods across multiple platforms including iOS, Android, and more, to deliver useful, relevant material designed to maintain learners’ attention and boost knowledge retention.

Micro Courses

Our micro courses are designed to deliver content that are super short and engaging and helps you revise the material of your electronic learning session. It’s a useful learning tool based on cloud-technology and can be developed as short form videos, animations, and more interactive learning methods.


We provide story-based mobile learning solutions in the form of M-books. This is also a great learning method for students to catch up with latest updates, training purposes, and more. M-books can be accessed via apps or can be downloaded based on the learners’ needs.

Multi-Platform Development

We deliver content to multiple mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows. We’re fully capable of working with software development such as HTML and Flash, according to the clients’ needs.

Mobile Games

We also offer fun quiz-based learning apps across multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows. These games ensure interactive learning and are great for measuring learners’ IQ.

Mobile Videos

We develop videos for mobile learning in order to provide short, effective, and engaging video tutorials. This has proven to be super efficient as the new generation that makes up a huge portion of the global workforce, are attached to their smartphones.


We convert already existing learning solutions to mobile platforms for organizations that want to incorporate mobile learning but have time or budget constraints.

What are the Benefits of Mobile Learning?

Mobile learning in the form of micro courses provide engaging learning solutions that ensure easy content consumption and high knowledge retention.

Incorporating creative learning methods such as game-based learning, scenarios, and realistic problem-solving have proven to be super effective learning strategies.

Mobile learning makes learning super accessible on the go so you can train anywhere, anytime regardless of time and space restrictions.

With responsive, interactive, engaging, and multimedia-rich content, mobile learning delivers a perfect platform for learners.

We Provide Mobile Learning Solutions Across Multiple Technology Platforms

We use several technology platforms to build interactive mobile learning solutions according to our clients’ requirements

  • Android (Smartphones & Tablets)
  • iOS (iPhone & iPad)
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Why Choose Digitals Daddy for Mobile Learning Solutions?

Here’s why we’d be your perfect choice. Besides delivering learning materials to users on smartphones, tablets and other devices, we guarantee other advantages too, such as:

  • Personalized learning experience
  • Mobility & portability
  • 24/7 support
  • Formal & informal learning
  • Timely reports with completion proof
  • Seamless communication & collaboration
  • Video content
  • Gamification
  • Multimedia content support

To conclude, our mobile learning solutions are the right mix of organizational readiness, workforce demographics, and mobile device capabilities.

Simulation (AR/VR)

Simulation-Based Learning

Apply Your Knowledge & Get Hands-on Learning Experience

Apply Your Knowledge & Get Hands-on Learning Experience

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Simulation Training to Transform Knowledge into Applicable Skills

We at Digitals Daddy have developed simulation solutions for numerous clients for IT training and equipment training purposes, as well as recreating work-places. Our simulations have proven to be highly efficient for a wide array of audiences be it students, scholars, teachers, or researchers.

We are hyper focused on bringing innovative transformations to the way educational content gets delivered by satisfying user curiosity about learning in a virtual environment. We provide highly engaging and visually attractive learning materials that create some of the best opportunities for learning. Our company’s goal is to contribute to making Virtual Reality (VR) a staple need for the education and training industry.

Our Simulation-Based Learning Solutions

We at Digitals Daddy provide interactive E-learning solutions via simulations, and 3D animations. As we have huge experience with advanced technologies, our team is fully capable of creating real-world setups in any technological environment in a super engaging way.

Artwork & Animation

Our team of professional graphic designers are fully capable of transforming even the most complex concepts into artwork that learners can easily understand and grasp. With their knowledge and expertise in animation, they can seamlessly fulfill individual learning requirements.

Instructional Simulations

We’re great at creating high quality step-by-step animation to deliver better engaging content for concerned users. Our instructional simulation team puts in a lot of effort to fully understand our clients’ needs and then specifically design the requisite solutions to cater to those needs.

Conceptual Diagrams

We create conceptual diagrams in order to ensure a more interactive and engaging learning experience and for better explanations. We make sure that the learning material builds curiosity by creating appealing animated images.

Engineering Simulations

Virtual Reality (VR) in engineering consists of visualization methods and 3D modeling tools as a crucial part of the design process. Our solution enables students to access their projects in a safe environment and make edits as needed.

Medical Simulations

We develop simulation solutions for institutions to train the next generation of paramedics, doctors, and other medical staff. This greatly improves collaboration between students and professors.

Visual Brilliance

We also create simulations developed with rich media elements that have powerful visual impact so that the learner is easily engaged with the vibrant learning environment. This is especially effective in ensuring an interactive learning experience.

VR in the Education Sector

VR in Junior Schools

What better way to get students to engage with learning materials than seeing them firsthand? By introducing VR to the classroom, educators can provide an immersive learning experience by whisking students away to far off places and learn as they virtually travel without leaving their desk.

VR in High Schools

With VR technology, students can go on virtual field trips to experience history, geography, culture and other topics in the curriculum firsthand, all from the comfort of the classroom. They can also incorporate multiple sensory learning styles, from visual, to audio, written, and even firsthand experiences. VR also makes theoretical and conceptual subjects easier to visualize and comprehend.

VR for Higher Education

In colleges and universities, VR is great for learning soft skills, improving collaboration dn group learning, and preparing for the workplace and jobs. VR creates the space for simulated virtual learning labs and enables students to explore concepts and theories in a safe and controlled virtual environment.

Our Process Cycle

  • UI/UX Design
  • Requirement Gathering
  • Prototype
  • App Development
  • Deployment
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Quality Assurance & Testing

Why Choose Digitals Daddy for Simulation-Based Learning Solutions?

  • Powerful UI/UX design
  • Client-centric development model
  • An expert team of qualified and experienced developers
  • Offers excellent solutions
  • Strong technical expertise
  • Optimal quality assurance, quality control and testing
  • Complete confidentiality assurance
  • 24/7 support and maintenance

Your very own smart library that you can access anywhere anytime

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Library Management Software

Highly Secure, Reliable and Scalable Library Management Software

Our library management software is great to manage and ensure smooth working of the library inventory. The software enables users to maintain a record of all the things that the library has including books, magazines, CDs and DVDs. Library management software is a major staple in a lot of colleges, universities, institutions and government libraries as it provides complete support to the librarian and other support staff.

The library management system that we provide works as an automatic library system that maintains a track record of every book or magazine added, issued, and returned to the library. A wide array of models are utilized in the library management system for the seamless working of the system.

Our Library Management Modules

The modules we provide for library management are highly useful to ensure seamless operation of the library inventory such as books, magazines, and DVDs.

Catalog Management

Catalog management creates a list of all bibliographic items such as author’s name, subject list, short description, and the classification.


This module maintains a full record of crucial details of the people who have taken membership in the library. The members’ database is managed for timely access to user records.


Circulation oversees the lending and borrowing of books, magazines, CDs and DVDs. Our library management software keeps track of all records including profile, databases, lost books, fine payment, etc.

Search Options

We also facilitate the power of computing with the integration of data searches to make the job easier for the librarian.

Barcode Reading

This module helps in separately identifying items such as books, journals, CDs and DVDs by using the barcode accession number.


With this software, the librarian can better select and buy materials or resources for the library. This greatly improves the efficiency and functionality of the library.

Our Library Management Software Features

It can be a daunting task to first begin exploring library management. It’s crucial to make the right choice because the library management software should be highly suitable for all your requirements. The last thing you want to deal with is software that doesn’t work the way you need it to. To ensure our clients get a good library management software, we provide these features:

  • Integrated library management system
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux compatibility
  • Barcode management
  • Catalog management
  • 24/7 online access
  • Customizability
  • Acquisition management
  • Dynamic reports
  • Search facility
  • Subscription management

What are the Benefits of Library Management Software?

  • Saves time and effort by eliminating the manual process of issuing books
  • Customized reports for library items and library inventory
  • Search option to check the availability status of books
  • Streamlines daily library operations
  • Reduces operating costs
  • 24/7 mobile access
  • Maintains a record of books including the book’s title, author’s name, publisher’s name, date and year of publication, cost, and purchasing date or bill number of the book

Get custom gamification services to boost learner engagement and improve training efforts

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Game-Based Learning Ensures Higher Receptivity to Learning

A lot of people enjoy playing games. So what better way to make learning fun, engaging and interactive than to integrate gameplay with defined learning goals? This is exactly what our developers do when it comes to game-based learning. We design learning content to present subject matter in the form of games to help learners understand the concepts. This often happens in a simulated environment so that learners can easily gain experience of their applications in a virtual environment prior to using them in real world problems. Game-based training includes a fantasy and creative element that makes learning super addictive unlike conventional textbook studying. It’s the perfect treat for visual and hands-on learners!

Why Adopt Game-Based Learning?

Eliminates Conventional Learning Systems

Games are enjoyable and game-based learning easily trumps traditional classroom learning with self-motivated learning. It makes learning more alive and provides a multisensory learning experience through games, puzzles, and quizzes.

Multiple Digital Platforms

With various interactive digital platforms such as mobiles, internet, cloud, gaming consoles, and computer-aided learning (CAL), there are broader and more effortless methods to deliver game-based learning.

Appealing and Engaging

All work and no play is tedious! That’s why, isn’t it great if you can blend both gameplay and learning and you get the best of both worlds? You’ll have plenty of fun with the games and if you gain knowledge along the way, it’s all the more excellent. Multiplayer games also amp up the fun and provide a different learning experience as learners can collaborate as a team, brainstorm on possible outcomes, and share ideas to overcome issues.

Our Game-Based E-Learning Applications

Mobile Games

Mobile games are increasingly in huge demand. We build custom mobile learning games for various platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

Simulation Games

We implement AR/VR to simulate scenarios and deliver well-designed learning games to actively engage and challenge learners to properly comprehend and practice new skills.

Multiplayer Games

They’re great for improving collaboration and communication among learners. So, it’s best to go for this if the objective is to build coordinated team efforts to complete projects.

Storyline Games

These games are based on a storyline and are the best way to go if the goal is to improve decision-making abilities and quizzing skills.

Procedural Games

Such games involve a set of procedures through which targets get assigned to the players in order to win the game. So, if the goal is to win the game, then the learners need to explore and learn the system to beat it. This way, procedural games are great to make users actually understand the material, and improve time management to complete tasks.

Gamification is the Right Learning Tool for

  • Complex Process and Methods: When it comes to learners trying to grasp a complex process, it’s best to understand its working before attempting it in real-world scenarios.
  • Situational Concepts: When a leaner tries to figure out complicated situational concepts, a realistic learning environment with a scenario-based approach works best
  • Younger and Game-oriented Learners: When you’re teaching a process to younger learners, we recommend offering them a game-based learning experience to better build their curiosity and engage them.

Digitals Daddy Executes E-Learning Development on the Principles of Game-Based Learning

We focus on developing our E-learning games by adhering to the framework of game-based learning. This makes sure that the applications built by our developers are goal-oriented and fully effective. The gaming principles that we follow are as such:

  • Strategy
  • Process
  • Simulation
  • Probing Technique
  • Storyline Method
  • Repetition Method

Why Choose Digitals Daddy for Gamification Services?

Besides developing game-based learning apps for smartphones, tablets, and other devices, we guarantee various benefits as well, such as:

  • High engagement level
  • Learners get instant feedback and reinforcement
  • User-centric development
  • Better knowledge retention
  • Mobility and portability
  • Connects learning to real world applications
  • Customizability
  • Fun and interactive learning experience
  • Personalized learning experience
  • Timely reports with completion proof
  • 24/7 support

Localize Your E-Learning Content for Cultural Relevance & Better Learner Engagement

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E-Learning Localization

Best-in-class Interactive & Engaging Localization Solutions

Multilingual teams can make a world of difference in today’s global market. And when it comes to education institutions, it’s the same as they require content and E-learning programs that fulfill multicultural and multilingual needs of diverse learners across the world.

Looking to adapt your E-learning courses into multiple languages for learners worldwide? Digitals Daddy E-learning localization services will make your training content improve learning effectiveness and enhance learner performance. We provide localization and translation services to create E-learning content that is accessible in different formats such as audio, video, PDF, Word, PPTs, etc.

Our E-Learning Localization Service Features

We provide complete end-to-end E-learning localizations services including planning, translation, integration, voiceovers and many more. We offer native language E-learning solutions so that you can maximize the impact of training and improve employee performance.


Our team of localization experts review the translated content to ensure that materials are optimal for the target audience. The graphics and themes can also be localized to give off the desired look.


We provide text translation of study materials that include notes, website content, and slides. Our translation method ensures consistency and accuracy with various project elements.


When all conversion is done, the components that include video, audio, and animation are integrated to seamlessly operate and deliver the same English content experience to end-users.


We fully understand the intricacies of global audiences and ensure affordable and timely delivery of the completed files in the preferred format.


We provide professional audio/video subtitles and captions in various languages to make content easy to understand.


We offer voiceover services by expert recording artists in a language and style of your preference.

Why Choose Digitals Daddy for E-Learning Localization Services?

Our E-Learning Translation Services

Digitals Daddy provides diverse and comprehensive multilingual expertise for clients looking to develop training materials, E-learning modules, product demos, and webinars in multilingual translations.

Our E-Learning translation solutions include:

Software & File Format Compatibilities

We at Digitals Daddy provide high-quality localization solutions for multiple file formats, ranging from online content, assessments, quizzes, and scripts. Besides professional voice-over recordings, you’ll also find solutions for multilingual content synching, course publishing, graphics localization, and comprehensive multimedia authoring.

Adobe FlashBrainsharkAdobe Captivate
.fla .xfl.ppt, .pptx.cp .cptx
Articulate StorylineCamtasiaArticulate Studio
.story.CAMREC.pptx, .eng, .quiz

Make School Management Simple & Efficient by Automating Tasks

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Digitize Your School Management Software

School management software is an efficient solution for educational institutes. Simplify all the regular monotonous administrative processes with digitization and automation. It not only serves as a conventional ERP but also offers a complete package of hassle-free IT services at school. We understand perfectly well that running a school is a difficult task and involves tedious management and paperwork. By outsourcing all your administrative processes to our school management software, you’ll make things a lot easier for the staff so they have more time and energy to prioritize student-centric learning.

One System, One Dashboard

Our School Management Software Features

AcademicsCommunication & Community Engagement kStudent Inquiries
  • Subject Allocation
  • Exam & Result Management
  • Homework Management
  • Event Management
  • Notices and Announcement
  • Parent-Teacher Meeting
  • Admission Inquiries
  • Certificate Generation
  • Data Management
Campus FacilitiesFinance ManagementHR Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Library Management
  • Expense Management
  • Fee Management
  • Salary Management
  • Staff Administration
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll Management

What are the Benefits of School Management Software?

Efficient Data Management: School management software processes data about students, teachers, staff, and relatives in an efficient and seamless manner. The system works in such a way that it’s simple and quick to retrieve and update information.

Smooth and Easy Navigation: The software involves a secure and user-friendly GUI for students, teachers, and parents to monitor daily activities. It has good compatibility with multiple devices and platforms.

On-demand Access: You won’t have to deal with waiting in long queues or filling out forms in order to access information regarding the school, teachers and management. All the information you need is easily accessible on a real-time basis.

Information Monitoring: The software also makes it easy for everyone to keep track of records, review plans, fee requests, and more.

What are the Essential Components of School Management Software?

The essential components required for school management software depends on the school itself and its management needs. However, some basic features that are necessary in general for any decent school management software include: