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IT Services for Travel and Hospitality Industry

With the onset of technology and especially with internet and smartphone culture fully thriving in today’s age, the way we travel has been greatly altered. Travelers these days are well aware of the importance of connectivity and expect personalized traveling experiences. As such, it’s best that providers understand the need to incorporate digital solutions to create personalized services to customers. At Digitals Daddy, we provide innovative travel and hospitality services that automate processes to ensure memorable experiences at every touchpoint for your customers. Our advanced IT solutions ensure that your brand is aligned with rapidly evolving customer expectations and market trends.

Our team of app development and business analytics experts come from varied backgrounds with extensive expertise in the travel and hospitality industry, having successfully served competent clients in the same sector. We provide custom Travel and Hospitality IT services that include cloud integration and migration, mobility solutions, and building digital capabilities for different hospitality assets. We offer end-to-end digital transformation and acceleration services to boost your booking experience, customer engagement, and digitally managed inventory and POS system.

App Development Company

Want a website that is appealing and personalized to drive your online business?

Our Technology Use Case Approach for Travel and Hospitality Industry

Our ecommerce multi vendor marketplace web and app development company will build an optimized and custom website or app according to the type of business you run so that we fulfill your unique requirements. Here is a list of options:

Customer Engagement

Engage your customers right from the first interaction by providing highly personalized suggestions based on their search histories and travel preferences. Provide advanced and innovative technology-based solutions such as virtual experiences with cloud and mobility.

Management Efficiency

Enhance your management efficiency and reduce operational expense by improving your business models and targeting core systems and processes. Ensure connectivity for guests and staff and automate devices with smart technology solutions.

Infrastructure Maintenance

Offer smart travel and hospitality experiences by improving your infrastructure with automated and secure IoT-enabled technology solutions. These include smart food ordering, luggage identification, service desk management, smart temperature control, and more.

Management and Scheduling

Streamline your management and scheduling processes with powerful applications that boost the core strength of your business. Make use of these applications to inform guests about any changes in schedules so that you deliver the best customer experience possible.

Our Connected Offerings

Mobile Applications

  • Hospitality Apps
  • Taxi Apps
  • Virtual Tour Apps
  • Travel Booking Apps

Web Applications

  • E-reservation
  • Web Check-in
  • Travel Portals
  • Virtual Tour Websites

Analytics Services

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Data Warehousing and BI
  • Customer Tracking

Marketing Services

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click

Interoperability Services

  • Content Monetization
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Cross-Media Advertising Management
  • Search Engine Marketing

Workplace Management Services

  • Workplace Collaboration and Productivity
  • Administration Management
  • Backend Process Management
  • Document and Records Management

Travel and Hospitality Industry IT Solutions

We provide profit-driven IT services to analyze, handle, and manage an efficient travel distribution system at various channels based on different client requirements.

Software for Hotel Reservation

Build a powerful multi-platform software for hotel reservation with the help of our expert solutions. Offer an omnichannel hotel reservation experience to your guests and easy property finding and booking of the same. Leverage the professional expertise of our travel and hospitality developers to build an efficient UI/UX of the software for hotel reservation to ensure smooth and easy reservation and seamless management of properties for your guests.

Software for Travel Management

Our team of professional developers helps automate your travel enterprise operations by building a technically sound software solution for travel management. This will boost your business by managing various operations such as managing different locations, departments and sections, and resource planning.

Software for Hospitality Management

Ensure a wonderful experience for your guests by gaining real insights into their booking data with software for hospitality management. Our team will develop cloud-based flexible and efficient software to manage bookings, oversee reservations in real-time, and collect actionable data of guests to improve their overall experience. This also helps in streamlining the processing, operations and revenue management.

Software for Travel Distribution

Leverage our travel and hospitality IT services to create an integrated software for travel distribution. Streamline your services by collecting a global overview of the trains, airlines, buses, seats, hotel rooms, and other data from global travel organizations. We help various hoteliers, agents, and travel partners gain real-time access to hospitality distribution systems and manage them efficiently.

Our Services

Owing to the rise of diverse technologies, the travel and hospitality industry is constantly transforming at a rapid pace. We at Digitals Daddy, provide custom services to travel enterprises to transform and accelerate their operation efficiencies and fulfill a wide range of travelers’ requirements. We cater to the business needs of airlines, hoteliers, travel eCommerce, OTAs, and more.

Travel and Hospitality Consultancy

Make use of our end-to-end travel and hospitality technology solutions to compete in the current business environment. Our consulting services and technical assistance will help your business grow and transform in the travel industry and unlock a new level of growth.

  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Transport Providers

Managed IT Services

Our team has proven experience in the constant improvement of the travel and hospitality industry. We provide bespoke cost optimization frameworks as well as intelligent digital services at different levels. We also provide a wide array of managed IT services to ensure data center, server and network management, end-user computing, and enterprise security support at various levels.

  • Online Travel Agencies
  • Restaurants

Travel Product Innovation Services

We at Digitals Daddy partner with clients in the travel and hospitality sector to design and deliver innovative and intelligent products. With our team of skilled developers, designers, engineers, and migration experts, we help organizations create a customer-focused platform and provide an optimal experience of travel booking and arrangement services.

  • Cruise Agencies
  • Food & Beverage Delivery

Why Choose Us?

  • Tailor-made travel and hospitality services specifically designed based on the client’s requirements
  • Cost-effective solutions with dedicated commitment to deliver high quality
  • Years of experience and a record of successful projects in the travel and hospitality sector
  • Best-in-class services that works on the basis of a highly reliable delivery model
  • Rigorously tested services designed to perform smoothly all the time
  • Highly skilled team with ample experience to manage and accelerate product development
  • Reliable application development services compatible with various platforms
  • Advanced technologies to deliver innovative and intelligent travel and hospitality services


What all are included in Travel and Hospitality Industry IT Services?

Our Travel and Hospitality industry IT services include the following: Travel Services Booking App, Software for Hotel Booking, Travel Management Software, and other related website and software solutions.

Can a traditional travel business be successfully converted to online travel services?

Yes, digitization of the travel and hospitality industry is very huge in today’s age and this kind of digital transformation of traditional travel businesses is exactly within the scope of what digital marketing agencies can do.

What are the benefits of investing in digital travel management services?

The benefits of digital travel management services are: sales management, operations management, client management, performance reviews, data protection, market analytics, financial insights, and business expansion support such as campaigns, content marketing and email marketing to boost your business.

Leverage our GDS Integration Solutions for Better Management and Greater Audience Reach

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GDS Integrations

High Quality GDS Integration Solutions

Trusted partner for many travel and hospitality brands

We have the expertise to provide end-to-end GDS integration services and we’re very familiar with leading GDS systems such as Worldspan, Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport, and Galileo. Talk to us to avail our top-notch GDS integration services.

Experienced GDS Integration Service Providers

Build a Solid Foundation for Long Term Success Across the World with Us

GDS Integration offers customers various interactive and efficient online booking solutions. It allows online travel agencies to provide their online booking services through innovative content on both air and non-airline for an expansive global reach. When potential customers get access to real-time content about flight fares, hotel and accommodation availability, and confirm bookings quickly, the overhead gets reduced. This allows our clients to provide a seamless experience to your global customers.

Our team provides high quality end-to-end GDS integration and OTA solutions that are suitable for any business model including B2C, B2B, B2G and more. We deploy the best-in-class GDS integration services that allow you to manage and boost your travel business efficiently, cut down costs and enhance ROI. Our skilled GDS software development professionals have huge expertise in developing web services such as online booking engines, self-booking tools, custom websites, and front-office systems for online travel agencies.

Our main area of specialization is in leading GDS integration services. We are fully capable of fulfilling the standard norms. We offer a wide array of services in GDS software development leveraging Sabre, Amadeus, Galileo, and Travelport.

What is GDS (Global Distribution System)?

GDS or Global Distribution System is an integrated network system that facilitates transactions between travel and tourism industry service providers such as travel companies, airlines, and hotels. A GDS has real-time connections to various service providers, thus allowing companies to work with updated inventory information.

Benefits of Availing our GDS Integration Services

Our Various GDS Integration Services

What Makes Digitals Daddy Stand Out in GDS Integration Services?

Leverage our years of experience in travel app services that include various innovative solutions and features to emerge as an industry leader in the travel and hospitality domain.


What are the crucial Global Distribution Systems for the travel industry?

The crucial Global Distribution Systems are SABRE, Travelport (Apollo, Galileo, Worldspan), and Amadeus.

What is the most popular GDS?

The most popular GDS is Amadeus, the world’s largest network of any GDS. It makes up about 40% of GDS transactions and it’s especially widely used in Europe. Although many of these reservations are for airfare, it’s still prominently used for hotels as well.

What is the difference between GDS (Global Distribution System) and CRS (Central Reservation System)?

Though both GDS and CRS relay your hotel’s availability and rates across various channels, there’s a difference. A GDS links your hotel to travel agent networks and business travel planners. However, a CRS can link you not only to these partners, but also to customers via metasearch websites, your booking engine and OTAs.

Leverage our GDS Integration Solutions for Better Management and Greater Audience Reach

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Flight Booking System

Reliable Flight Booking System

Is your business struggling to operate at its full potential because your sales team is bogged down by manual, repetitive, and time-consuming sales activities when they could actually be earning more sales for your business? If this is the case, then allow us to help you and take on this task for you by making use of our professional sales automation services.

End-to-End Feature-Rich Flight Booking System

Many travel services are on the lookout for top mobile apps and tech devices to boost engagement from clients across the world. At this point, they don’t bother with traditional offline strategies to book travel offers anymore. With the rise of innovative travel and mobile solutions, travel businesses have hopped on to embracing web-powered flight booking systems that allow clients and sub-offices to search and save flight bargains on the cloud. As such, most travel businesses, both IATA and non-IATA have begun incorporating the OTA model.

We at Digitals Daddy have coordinated flight booking software developers that manage the entire business measure and guarantee that important capacities are easily accessible in the flight booking system. Our team has developed a completely customized flight booking framework that helps B2B and B2C travel agents gain more flight bookings.

Our Services

Airline Reservation

We offer airline reservation as well as booking software configuration administrations for stock administration modules, including flight timetable, unified data set design, seating management, re-convenience and codeshare.

Airline Reservation Framework

We use cross-platform applications to develop UI/UX as we work on your airline traveler management framework.

Airline Reservation Management System

Our airline reservation software uses custom safety management apps such as No-Fly List information, and PNR (Passenger Name Records).

Airline Ticketing Software Services

Our airline reservation services utilize ticket APIs for baggage charges, mobile check-in, air terminal exchange booking software frameworks, and in-flight conveniences management.

Airline PSS Migration and Integration Services

Our team of software engineers and designers handle complex data models by using Saber Technologies and SAP in airline PSS engineering.

Benefits of Flight Booking System

User-centric interface

User-centric interface to provide high-quality user experience with easy tracking tools and smooth navigation

Completely customized

Customized solutions that satisfy your requirements and allow you to seamlessly integrate third-party solutions

Easy cancellation process

Uncomplicated cancellation process and chat support to ensure your client’s issues are quickly resolved

Real-time update

Reduce downtime as your application will be up and functioning 24/7, and updates will be made digitally

Our Application Features

Why Choose Us?

Skilled Developers

Our team has many experienced developers who have accumulated technical and industry insights to develop an optimal online travel service


A fully customized and easy to use management system to handle your system


Various highlights are available to corporate and retail purchasers and travel planners


We provide applications across multiple stages such as iOs, android, and more according to your business requirements


What is the difference between reservation and ticketing?

Reservation agents confirm travel arrangements for passengers by utilizing manuals and computers to determine taxes, timetables, and other information. Ticket agents sell tickets in separate offices or terminals.

What software is used for air ticketing?

The software used for air ticketing is Radixx Galaxy. It is a travel administration framework and distribution software used for reservations, airline marketing, and conveyance. It uses integrated solutions and cloud-based solutions that provide help to airplane plans.

What is the aircraft reservation framework in the movement business?

The aircraft reservation framework is a set-up of items to furnish a framework that fulfills client needs and airline management tasks right from reservation to the end of the flight.

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