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How To Choose the Best SEO Agency For Increasing Web Traffic and Sales


Clearly, for generating more revenue and to earn higher profits, every business attempts to increase its website traffic to nurture sales, especially in today’s deeply connected world. A business website is useless unless it is widely accessed in a large volume typically in areas where a business targets an audience. The best SEO agency becomes a necessity to mingle with.

But for SEO efforts and other digital marketing activities to be fruitful, it becomes imperative that we should be selective in our search and hiring of an SEO team and certainly the best SEO agency should always be aligned with. In other words, we need to allow best in class professionals to lay hands upon and mingle with our major earning resource i.e. our business website.

As such, the agency providing the best SEO services is always treated like a crucial part of our office staff. 

SEO Is Devoid OF Quick Magic:

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process is a complex set of functionality and is often miscalculated. Some people assert a deep understanding of Google algorithms and who can turn things around by manipulating certain tactics to push your website to the top of search engine results. Undoubtedly, the best SEO services include the prime search engine practice that calls for a deep know-how about the functioning of search algorithms and periodic Google updates, but such claims are often found to be short-lived.

Likewise, easy tactics such as buying links, keyword stuffing and insane link building, etc. have become the source of doom for websites. These are black hat tactics and are in clear violation of search engine rules. Once such practices are detected by search engines through their prime AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled algorithms, our web ranking gets wounded, resulting in a sharp fall. Cunning SEO professionals who claim exclusive expertise utilize such ecommerce practices to sky-rocket your website on the top, but eventually, they are the clients who end up suffering badly.


Six aspects that usher any SEO Agency into greatness are:

NO matter what your end requirements are, a business is likely to uncover dozens of SEO companies across the horizon that make all sorts of promises to your business.

The SEO industry is valued at $65 billion.

A set of characteristics are expected from SEO agencies that assert core professional excellence. Some of these characteristics are listed below:

1). SEO Strategies Need To Pursue A Finely Paved Pathway:

For a successful SEO practice, there are battle-tested SEO strategies that need to be followed. Surely, any group that claims to be the best SEO agency, builds up experience and expertise over time after serving a lot of clients from different industries and alongside they outline a useful set of practices to push their target website among top-ranks.

2). Workforce Comprising Diverse Skills And Expertise:

While drawing near to an SEO clan, we should also glance at the team comprising its professionals, as to what different tasks they would accomplish, how they would be managing things and so forth. It would surely perform a range of tasks under the broad categories, such as on-page and off-page.

Arguably, a great amount of thought and skill is applied in a typical SEO practice. From perceiving a plan to executing it to managing accounts across social media platforms to link-building and so forth. Every field calls for a specialist and such members with polished deftness should deck the team. While roping in an SEO company, we should ask the rep categorically about core SEO members who would work alongside us, on our account to enable our core business objectives through a meaningful SEO.

3). Client Portfolio Reveals Its Level of Efficiency:

As the outstanding SEO agencies cruise along with their clients majestically and reap great results for them, this is an ideal practice that they ought to display their clientele on their website and they do this for two reasons.

First, it underlines that they are well-skilled and experienced professionals providing quality SEO services. Second, the businesses get to know the clients whom that company has served and some of those might be from their industry.

4). Customer Feedbacks:

Certainly, if any company renders a tremendous SEO service to us, leading to our enhanced business potential, we would be obliged to add comments and testimonials to amaze others about their unmatched professional skills and ecommerce practices.

In a similar vein, while selecting an SEO service provider, check-out their website to know what opinion their customers hold for them. It is common that prime SEO companies will exhibit their customers’ earnest remarks, through the website in the form of testimonials highlighting their high standards.

5). Concept Emphasis And Trend-Setting Through Leadership:

Without doubt, SEO companies that perform outstandingly in the field, always occupy the front seat while driving trends around and thereby emerge as a leading SEO agency in the race. Any premium SEO agency would reveal crucial things such as how to increase Google ranking and visibility, ensure more traffic and gather more business share in our industry and so forth. A leader and a decision-maker from any leading SEO agency would not hesitate from laying their claims openly.

Mostly, we come across the passionate CEOs sharing valuable insights and knowledge on their blogs, social media and research papers in an attempt to maintain a great momentum and shine as the best SEO agency.

As such, while closing in on a search engine service provider, we ought to check their depth and ensure if they are up-to-date with the latest practices emerging in the SEO industry and which would eventually gather great results.

6). Work Culture Reflecting a Professional Aptitude:

We need to harp upon the organisational culture of a company too and it should be in accordance with our company’s culture.

Any leading SEO agency providing outstanding SEO services falls short of accepting inappropriate clients, while on our part too, we would never want to get involved with those whose perception and outlook is not in line with ours.

Now, to overcome this unwanted scenario, big-name SEO companies share insights about their company culture so prospective customers could decide easily if they should be going along with them.

SEO Company Charges Price That Justifies Quality Work And Returns:

Nevertheless, when it comes to discussing remuneration, considerable pricing matters too, as every prominent SEO service provider acting like an agency, put a varied set of efforts to improve ranking on search engine results. From on-page SEO to a set of off-page activities, SEO practice is a wide practice and for best of SEO results which are purely legitimate and fall under the white-hat practices, numerous efforts are done which are accomplished by a handful of professionals every day.

For instance, there is a broad range of Social Media now, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. and then, for the purpose of link building, off-page activities are there such as writing blogs, articles, social media posts, Press Releases, classifieds and so forth, which need a proficient copy writer to write unique and interesting write-ups.

Therefore, when it comes to decide the pricing for such services, there is a considerable dollar amount involved which is worth its efforts. At Digitals Daddy, a prominent SEO service provider in Delhi NCR, at reasonable price, we commit page one rank within months, which again depends upon nature of keywords.

To be precise, our economical packages for SEO service start at just $200 for 15 keywords.

CategoriesCountries Price
Start-upIndiaINR 25,0000
Start-upUSAUSD 500
Small  Medium Business (SMB)IndiaINR 25,0000
Small  Medium Business (SMB)USAUSD 500
Small  Medium Business (SMB)UK$400
CorporatesIndiaINR 25,0000
CorporatesUSAUSD 500
Start-upSingaporeUSD 500
Small  Medium Business (SMB)SingaporeUSD 500
CorporatesSingaporeUSD 500
Start-upHong KongUSD 500
Small Medium Business (SMB)Hong KongUSD 500
CorporatesHong KongUSD 500
Start-upDubaiUSD 500
Small Medium Business (SMB)DubaiUSD 500
CorporatesDubaiUSD 500
Start-upAustralia-New ZealandUSD 500
Small Medium Business (SMB)Australia-New ZealandUSD 500
CorporatesAustralia-New ZealandUSD 500
Start-upMalaysiaUSD 500
Small Medium Business (SMB)MalaysiaUSD 500
CorporatesMalaysiaUSD 500
Start-upQatarUSD 500
Small Medium Business (SMB)QatarUSD 500
CorporatesQatarUSD 500
Start-upCanadaUSD 500
Small Medium Business (SMB)CanadaUSD 500
CorporatesCanadaUSD 500

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