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How To Have The Top Content Marketing Strategies For Your Business? (Start-ups, SMEs)

Content Development and Marketing:

Content is the foundation of your lead generation and leads nurturing efforts. Online marketers have come to rely on content to engage prospects and customers in today’s buyer landscape, but to do so your content must educate, inspire, and beg to be shared. It should help leads overcome challenges and achieve their aspirations. If you can do that, leads will flock to you, and you’ll gain their trust.


Ingredients in our content marketing mix:

1. Article Marketing: It is a type of advertising in which companies write and distribute short articles to a range of outlets such as article banks, forums, and newsletter publishers. Its main purpose is to gain a huge number of online audiences and boost the number of sales opportunities for products or services on websites. The advantages of article marketing are –

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Building credibility
  • Increasing exposure
  • Driving traffic to the website
  • Promoting your services


2. Business Blogging: Business blogging is one of the best online marketing strategies you can invest in. If you want to spread your brand’s message and win the trust of your target audience, you will need to start contributing content to other blogs related to your market or niche. It is an excellent means of communicating with the right people for the right reasons, as well as establishing yourself as an authority within your industry. 

Advantages that business blogging brings with it are:

  • Generating Domain and Search Engine Authority
  • Building credibility and a rich link portfolio
  • Increasing your exposure and brand awareness
  • Building your subscriber base
  • Stimulating Social Media Shares

3. Press Release Submission: Press releases deliver exceptional results for virtually any business, regardless of its size, profit margins, profile, and industry; which means that this type of content could also work like magic for you. A few prominent benefits of PR advertising are as follows:

  • Instant exposure
  • Increases sales potential
  • Boosting the company’s visibility
  • Customer Outreach

4. Info-graphics: Info-graphics are a visually compelling communication medium that, done well, can communicate complex data in a visual format that is potentially viral. They take deep data and present it in a visual shorthand. The pointers below will help highlight how info-graphic can play an important role in generating relevant traffic for a business website:

  • They are persuasive and eye-catching
  • They engage users and direct them to the desired URL(s)
  • They are easily read, understood, and remembered
  • They allow you to share your ideas/expertise
  • They are great at representing your business model

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