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Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation is simply a perception of your business’s online persona. It works two ways, either by search (Google, Bing!) or by social media (YouTube, Instagram). It also influences what information people might find about your business online.

Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) determine how viral, or well, famous, your website is. Negative online reputation will pull your website up on the SERPs. We, at Digitals Daddy have some sly tricks up our sleeve which can even help you push all the reputation damaging content on the web further down the SERPs. We can also push desirable third-party material up along with the mention of your website. This is important if you want to increase traffic on your website, as the top 5 search results on Google get the most clicks.

ORM also includes negative business review management and strategizing better client reviews followed by uplifting the positive feedback on the website, and is not just about managing search engine content.

Digitals daddy uses the PESO model to better formulate your online persona and professional reputation. This is a sophisticated model which betters your ORM and makes it spot-free!

Paid Media

Any marketing effort that requires payment to feature your business comes under paid media. These payments are hosted on external websites and networks. Google AdWords, adverts on Facebook, Instagram and even sponsored posts on social media are included in this. Pay-per-click advertising is incredibly important to positivise your online reputation. What paid media does is further your business’s reach motors traffic to your websites as you build new partnerships with influencers/industries. Digitals Daddy has exceptional tools for the same.

Earned Media

Earned media refers to all the merited coverage of your business on external websites, i.e., the coverage you didn’t pay for, and is being hosted in good faith. It’s important to focus on having content, products, and services better than your competitors, and also to only put forth content that a user (potential client) might consider worth sharing, reposting, reviewing, or mentioning.

Social Media

Your social media presence is by default an extension of your brand. They create an avenue for your customers, clients, and users to interact with you and one another. Digital Daddy ensures your social media remains active, and publishes fresh and engaging content every day. A tip: it is better to not have a social media profile altogether than have one which has no activity on it.

Owned Properties

Owned properties are simply the online domains you own or host. As these services are owned by you, you have complete control over their content, advertisements and payment gateways. Obviously, the more properties you own, the higher your chance to have a positive online reputation. Digitals Daddy recommends you don’t create too many differentiable properties as it can cause confusion about the ownership, and hence, in the long run, about the brand itself.

Here’s how Digitals Daddy uses these tools to build and manage an attractive and healthy online reputation for your business.

Why is Online Reputation Management important?

I’m sure you’re wondering why does one need to specifically need to organise their online persona. Shouldn’t it be automated and not need manual labour?

Although we wish it were like that, unfortunately, that isn’t how it works. Negative online reputation mismatches do not occur because of technology, they’re a result of human error.

Search engines only feed us information we ask for, and its human behaviour to be enticed by gossip, tabloids, conspiracies and negative reviews. It is then that these search results become associated with our business and brand.

• Search engine algorithms and popularity

An algorithm cannot tell false information from the truth. It only cares about, and recognises popularity. What becomes a benchmark for the topmost search results then is how popular a webpage is, how much traffic it is gathering, and whether or not it is receiving engagement. When this happens, lawsuits dismissed decades ago, embarrassing photos, and other seemingly irrelevant but interesting clickbait details take the centre stage and dominate online reputation. Digitals Daddy makes sure that isn’t case for your website by using proper SEO tools to manage your social persona better.

• Online reputation management prioritizes balance

ORM functions on the principle of counteracting the human bias for gossip with the truth. It’s imperative that material that really matters is not overshadowed by irrelevant rumours. Digitals Daddy ensures the scales are tipped in your favour, and makes your online reputation star-class, with no defects.

The need to develop an online reputation strategy will always exist because an algorithm cannot be trusted to differentiate

between tantalizing and truthful. The Digitals Daddy team consists of professionals with years of experience in online reputation management, and can promise a stellar reputation for your business. It is more important then ever to streamline your online reputation since search engines are pretty much the only thing can make or break your business.