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Social Media Graphics Design


Social media reach focuses on aesthetic appeal and a business’s ability to attract attention in less than a second. The rise of social media platforms only confirms that this trend will continue to grow. A high quality, custom-made graphic and creatives design image for social media performs better than average, plagiarised, stock images.

Why is Social Media Graphics Design (Creatives) Important?


Need: Your audience and brand identity majorly decide the types of graphics (creatives) you’d use for your social media handles.

Solution: Digitals Daddy has an exceptional in-house graphic designing team which will assess your target audience, and create image content best suited to leer in the clientele. Relevant and topical graphic designs, made in accordance with an easy-on-the eyes colour palette, which say everything in a few words.

What Do We Do?

Digitals Daddy’s Strategy

Digitals Daddy is the best company for Social Media Graphics Designing. We use all the tools in our belt for maximum impact on the audience, giving your business a booming social media presence.

1. Branding

Following your content and copy, the imagery and graphics representing your brand are incredibly important too. Typeface, colour palette, and the theme of the image should always be consistent. Digitals Daddy will come up with a customised brand graphic guideline for the typeface, colour palette, and the theme of your social media content based on the general undertones of your brand.

We will make sure everything your audience sees blends in seamlessly with the sensory feel and spirit of your brand.

2. Attraction

One of the most important aspects of a well-made social media creative is that they are attractive and catch the audience’s eye. It is always recommended to have an attractive social media handle. There is absolutely no use for sub-par graphics which will fade into the heavy fog of social media posts.

Digitals Daddy ensures your social media posts are ideal, have a focal point, justified text in the right places and bring some traffic to your website. We create social media creatives and images which make your audience stop scrolling and take a closer look at the image.

3. Sell a lifestyle

Its unwise to simply sell a product. Digitals Daddy makes sure your social media content sells a lifestyle, a dream. If you’re selling a product, sell the idea of how it makes your customer’s life easier, or how it adds to their pre-existing lifestyle. If you’re selling a service, capitalize on how that service helps your client instead of the service itself.

Digitals Daddy’s team of experts does this work for you!

4. Infographics

Well-researched and well-meaning infographics are a great way bring in engagement and value to your social media page. If you put out infographics just for the sake of using one, they will only end up cluttering your social media profile and bring in nothing. Digitals Daddy ensures all the infographics used for your social media are relevant, up-to-date, and useful to the audience when better understanding your brand identity.

5. Serious Content

Memes on business social media profile are almost always a bad idea. Serious content, however, doesn’t mean lacking humour. All social media graphics that require an element of humour must adhere to classic humour like puns and mild, non-offensive jokes.

Digitals Daddy will bring in the right amount of humour in your posts.

6. Consistency

Often, a lot of businesses create an online presence, but don’t stick to it with consistency. They either stop posting graphics on social media altogether, or keep changing their style. That doesn’t do any good. In fact, it cripples your reach. With Digitals Daddy, your social media content, both graphic and copy, will be taken care of, and posted on designated days after analysing when your reach is the highest.