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Social Media Marketing for Startup, Entrepreneur & Small Business in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Delhi India


Our team of social media experts at Digitals Daddy, the leading social media Agency for Startups, we provide extensive experience to build the social media communities. Our right mix of creativity and analytics will help to create the campaigns to tell your brand story in an engaging and compelling manner with the goal to engage your customers to drive the business results.

As a digital agency, we are the most out after social media marketing for startup in India as we have closely worked with multiple startups from the inception phase to scaling up their business. Let us now check out the exclusive social media services for startup offered by Digitals Daddy:

Marketing & Advertising on Facebook

Our team helps you to learn facebook marketing strategy by providing the top tips on segmentation, ads optimization and result tracking. We provide you marketing goals on Facebook to help you accomplish your goals.

Marketing & Advertising on Twitter

Our team of social media marketing for startup in India helps to engage the followers and customers to grow the business and build the brand awareness in real time by helping you target the audience based on demographic, username, keyword or interest.


Marketing & Advertising on LinkedIn

Our team helps to market your startup by guiding you to reach your ideal customers on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network by generating leads, driving the website traffic and building brand awareness. Our Social Media Agency for Startup will help you to drive actions relevant to your business, manage your ads and streamline all your marketing efforts.

Marketing & Advertising on YouTube

We will guide you to market your startup through YouTube marketing and advertising. We provide you with the opportunity to reach millions of users daily by providing great incentive for the businesses to use this platform for video marketing and advertising as per your audience’s gender, age, interests, locations, etc.

Marketing & Advertising on Instagram

Digitals Daddy Social Marketing Agency for startup in India guides you in extending your reach to your customers with Instagram which has never been this easier.

Marketing & Advertising on Pinterest

Since this isn’t just for Crockpot recipes anymore, now the startups in India could seriously benefit from advertising on Pinterest. Our team will guide you on what drives more traffic, buyers and profits to your business.

Marketing & Advertising on Quora

We will guide you to advertise on Quora, a question and answer platform to influence your audience during the consideration phase to their purchase process.

SMS Marketing

Our team will assist with this marketing technique that involves using the permission based text messaging to spread the promotional messages.

Display Marketing

We will guide to advertise on the graphical screens wherein the internet has a key role to play as a publication and distribution medium.

Blogging Services

Our in-house team of brand journalist will help the startup in India via blogging with organized, consistent publishing process.

Digital Advertising Search Engine

Our team assists the startups to use internet technologies to deliver promotional advertisements and message through email, social medical websites, etc. to consumers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We will help you to increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Web Analytics

Our team will help you with web analytics that involves measuring, collecting, analyzing and reporting the web data for understanding and optimizing the web usage.

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